Posted by: shanty | June 10, 2008

This is why I hate Justin Timberlake.

What a douche.

You’d think since part of an actor’s salary for doing a film is for press, he could do an interview without being a complete asshole. But you’d be wrong.


  1. you’d also think that since part of an actor’s salary is acting, he’d be able to do that as well, but…that’s not one of JT’s strong suits…

  2. very true indeed, phillip. very true indeed! 🙂 thanks for sticking around! hope you’re not melting in this heat!

  3. JT was kind of a jerk but it looked to me pretty much like Clash of the Tools

  4. that was the worst interview ever. i dunno what was worse… the questions… the answers… the JUMP ASS camera… ugh… i was getting a headache… i totally think we need to listen to MJB then go see that movie tho… just sayin’

  5. I hate Justin freaking Timberlake. I dont get why he gets paind so much money he isnt cute his music is gay and OoOoOo he is an ok dance. BIG WOOP anyone can be when they hire a trainer for 1000000000 to teach them fucking idiot and i REALLY dont get why he is now trying to be funny becausr to me he is FARRRRR from funny he sucks at acting singing I HATE HIM


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