Posted by: shanty | July 16, 2008

I got my first hate comment, y’all!!!

Unless I had woken up morphed into a pig in shit, I couldn’t’ve been happier this morning when I opened my email and saw I had received this comment in response to my crazy Tyra Show post almost a year ago:

“Fuck you hater tyra is a great person.She saved ,y life many times over. It because of her insperation and help people love themselves.”

Besides feeling sorry for Shandi for the obvious lack of grammar and spelling (which we all know I’m a stickler for), I also feel bad that she (and apparently many others) think that Tyra is on a mission to help people. Because as anyone who’s watched ANTM knows, she’s (very basically) a bully. She gets off on making people feel bad. She’s also uber-self centered. And as someone who’s been self-centered basically since birth, I should know. If you’ve seen any part of The Tyra Show, then you know regardless of her guest’s plight, Tyra somehow finds a way to bring it back to her. Her struggle in the ghetto was tougher, her becoming a rich supermodel was harder, her ass is bigger, etc. etc, etc. The list could probably go on forever.

I could go on a tyrade about how dumb and artificial she is, but I just don’t care enough. I’m very busy planning a kick ass trip to London–if you haven’t heard.

And besides, I try not to waste my time on bitches who can’t spell inspiration.

As an aside:

I googled “crazy Tyra” and this is the first thing that came up:

xox, shanty


  1. congrats on your first hate mail! you never forget your first time.

    personally, I prefer to make my hateful comments behind your back rather than emailing them directly to you.

  2. that’s what a real lady does. 🙂

  3. why would some one hate on you?

    I think it because she jeluz.


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