About Me!


BFF’s R-uh (of Toons n’ Tunes fame) and S-uh hanging in Nature (even though it sucks) this Summer.

Ok, now that I’ve changed my layout, my about me page seems especially naked.

So… here’s some stuff about me. Just as an FYI, I’m not going to do the 100 Things About Me thing. I’m just not that creative.

I’m 27, I live in Baltimore, I bought my own shanty (thus the blog name) almost two years ago, I have two cats, a job, and a crappy car.

I like to be involved in community theatre (but haven’t done anything in over a year), watch reality TV, smoke cigarettes, bitch, complain, procrastinate, take naps, sit around, and cross stitch naughty sayings.  

If you want more info, you can ask or see if it comes up in a blog entry.

Thanks for reading!

xox, shanty

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