Posted by: shanty | April 1, 2008

Just the way that you dance…


Just for Robbie


Kylie Minogue is performing not one but TWO songs on the Dancing with the Stars results show! ABC! Channel 12 in Baltimore! 9:00pm!

Don’t miss it!

Joining us will be our almost-as-obsessed-with-Kylie-as-Robbie-is friend Gabriel of ModFab fame!

Don’t you wish you were invited?

xox, shanty



  1. Sorry that you were underwhelmed by the performance. I assure you that the tour will be MASSIVELY better. I think the main problem on DWTS was their low production value over-all. I re-watched on youtube last night & the performances were so bad because the production of the show is so cheaply put together. The sound mix on her songs was all over the place, and there actually was a backing tape for “enhancement” like we suggested, they just didn’t have it turned up high enough. So that’s that story.

    And I love you. And I’ll miss ya this weekend!



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