Posted by: shanty | March 6, 2008

The Bitch Slap Heard ‘Round the World


An interview with Karl Lagerfeld is the cover story for Prestige HK (Honk Kong) Magazine this month.

When asked: “Diane von Furstenberg told me she thinks you may not be the best designer aesthetically, but that you’re by far the smartest. What do you make of that statement?”

Karl replied: “And look at her prints, hmm? Maybe I’ve known her for too many years. Maybe she’s right, I don’t know. If she were an expert, perhaps her designs may be more impressive. It’s only opinion, you know? I’ve been in fashion for many years. I’m not a one-day fly. You have to be a genius so other people can make such statements. I can tell you she is not my favourite fashion critic, no, hmm?”

Damn, yo.

Read the article here. The question appears on page three, btw.



  1. Funny stuff!


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