Posted by: shanty | February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel’s Rebuttal

With the help of Josh Grobin, McLovin, Cameron Diaz and many others, below is Jimmy Kimmel’s response to Sarah Silverman’s video posted a few weeks ago.




  1. That was classic.

  2. That was fuckin awesome.

    I wish I was fucking Ben Affleck. Damn.

  3. […] comic hottie 4.22.08 I’m probably going to catch some shit for this one, but fuck it. I think he’s hot. Ben Affleck was the star of the not great yet not unbearable ‘Daredevil’ feature film. He’s also been in a bunch of Kevin Smith’s movies, so that gives him plenty of cred in my book. Plus he’s funny, not a bad actor, & he’s really easy on the eyes. And in the late 90’s there were all those gay rumors about him & Matt Damon, but it turns out it was just a bro-mance. But he’s still hot… so check him out… And apparently he fucks Jimmy Kimmel. Not bad! […]


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