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Thing from Gabriel and Robbie

So here’s a question meme that Gabriel posted and then Robbie stole.

I decided to do it too.

Hopefully I’ll get to the much anticipated football dyke story, but until then I hope this will give you an insight into my soul as only and internet survey can do.


 xox, shanty

THE ABC’s of shantytown

A – Age: 26
B – Band listening to right now: Uh…the rent soundtrack is in my car. That’s about it for now.

C – Career future: I can’t wait to retire.
D – Dad’s name: Roger. Ol’ Rog if you’re nasty.
E – Easiest person to talk to: Robbie.
F – Favorite type of shoe: fuck me pumps.
G – Grapes or Grapefruit: grapes
H – Hometown: Columbia, Maryland
I – Instrumental talent: none. I’m very untalented. Although I can still play Mary had a Little Lamb on the piano.
J – Juice of choice: apple or grape. mmm.
K – Koala Bear or Panda Bear: how can i choose? koala i guess. i like their ears.
L – Longest car ride ever: I’m stealing Robbie’s answer: “technically the ride from DC to Cape Canaveral, FL… mentally… the “party van” from Phoenix, AZ to Puerto Penasco. Oy.”
M – Middle name: Kelly–It’s my grandmother’s maiden name. Shannon Kelly… Irish much?
N – Number of jobs you’ve had: half a dozen or so “real” jobs. Theatre jobs: too many to count for sure.
O – OCD traits: Organization in general. How things have to be in a certain place. Ask Robbie, it’s hard for me to self reflect.
P – Phobias: Heights, drowning
Q – Quote: Right now: “And for the record, I’m down a notch on my belt. I’m a big guy, it’s gonna be awhile before you’re gonna want to give me a piggyback ride.” Hurley, Lost

R – Reason to smile: it’s Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow. and my house is clean.
S – Song you sang last: ‘Goodbye Love’ in the car this morning

T – Time you wake up: anytime btw 7:30 and 8 on weekdays, and it’s never predictable o’clock on weekends.

U – Unknown fact about me: I would love to be a housewife.
V – Vegetable you hate: saurkraut without a doubt
W – Worst habit: smoking, biting my nails, procrastination, shit talking. there are lots.
X – X-rays you’ve had: dental, back, chest, ankle. i think that’s all.

Y – Yummiest food my belly likes: bacon cheeseburgers, crab cakes, indian food. Food in general, really.

Z – Zodiac sign: Pisces to a ‘T’

See? Don’t you feel like you know me so much better now? I’m glad we had this little moment.



  1. I dig the new layout.

  2. thanks!


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