Posted by: shanty | January 3, 2008

Shockingly, posting more often was not one of my New Year’s resolutions…

Hey y’all.

Sorry to have not posted sooner (I’ve already gotten a tongue lashing for it) but I’ve been really busy. Or rather incredibly sedintary. I literally didn’t do anything for days during the ten glorious days I was off of work for the holidays.

I did see the fam and get some awesome gifts (including a vintage Nancy Drew Mystery book collection and gorgeous aquamarine necklace from Robbie), but other than that I sat around. A lot. Even for me. It was awesome.

I also have a funny story involving my dykey football neighbors that involves in a round about way a 70’s pop group. For a hint let’s just say if my neighbors do it to me one more time, I’m calling the cops.

But that story is for another day, friends. I’ve got a shit ton of work to finish up and I don’t have the energy to devote to the story. And it’s so good it really does deserve it’s proper devotion.

But I do have for your viewing pleasure an INCREDIBLY hysterical video made by my imaginary friend Rich at FourFour (For the record Rich does actually exist. It’s just our friendship that is imaginary, you see.). It’s a best of clip video from the newly released Celine Dion double disc extravaganza about her show that just closed in Vegas. That I’m sad I never got to see. So very sad.

Anyway, enjoy, and I’ll try and tell you my funny dykey neighbor story soon.

 xox, shanty



  1. you really need to do it to it… it’s a story that deserves telling!!

  2. lawd. that video made me cry.

  3. Trash! just plain embarrassing that she’s Canadian.

  4. Okay. Celine Dion is bat shit crazy. But it is pretty sweet how kind she is to her fans. At least the 5 that get backstage or whatever!

  5. Seriously? It has been weeks…


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