Posted by: shanty | December 14, 2007

Get the fuck out of my show.

This. is. the. best. video. I’ve. ever. seen.

So Wednesday night Tori Amos played in San Diego (I think it may have been the last show of the tour). Apparently two girls were getting up and coming back and on and on throughout the show and apparently Tori had it (you can fast forward the video to about 2:28 if you don’t want to wait for it.). 

From dlisted

“While playing “Code Red”, Tori stopped halfway through and told the girls “Get the fuck out of my show! It’s a privilege to sit in the front row and I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music, get the fuck out!”

Then she waves goodbye to the girls and starts back up right where she left off.

Pure. Joy.

And with that, enjoy your weekend, kids!

xox, shanty



  1. Kinda wish this had happened at the DC show. LOL. Awesome!!


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