Posted by: shanty | November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day & Gobble Gobble from Sarah Trite and Trite


Hey y’all.

I’m leaving work in less than an hour but I couldn’t go without wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re in another country, or don’t celebrate or whatev, then have a good rest of your week.

I will be going to my parents to gorge on turkey and mashed potatoes and hope you do the same. Unless you’re one of those freaks that likes sauerkraut. Then you can go to hell ’cause that shit is nasty.

See ya Monday when I waddle back in to work with leftovers!

xox, shanty



  1. I’ll have you know, I ate no sauerkraut today.

    But I did want too…

  2. Mmmm. Sauerkraut. I love that shit.


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