Posted by: shanty | November 20, 2007

Adios, Mexico

So I’m slowly working through the stages of grief about returning home from Mexico. For example: On the van ride to the airport I was in denial that it was really ending, yesterday morning I was tearing up looking at photos because I was sad that it was over (and I also had an emotional breakdown on the phone with my Mom re: having to come home compounded with the fact that I’m only getting $439.30 from Geico for the car accident the week before I left), last night I was angry about having to be home and about the car situation (but luckily Robbie, wine, and I Love New York 2 helped lessen the blow), and today I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I’m home and am looking onwards and upwards to uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner conversation and being in the car with my parents and brother for the first time in almost a decade.

Good times indeed.

Here’s another one of my fave Mexico pictures.


It’s from the balcony of the Lapa Lapa’s restaurant where Robbie, Gabriel, Eddie and I dined on Thursday of last week. And yes, you’d be right in assuming that the Sea of Cortez is in the background. And also that I missed my calling as a photographer.




  1. I’m glad you pulled through vato.

    That is another excellent picture tho!



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