Posted by: shanty | October 12, 2007

New Look…


So the residents of ShantyTown (really, it’s just me) were kind of tired of the limiting three color look, so we (meaning me) decided to change it up.

You know, new season, new beginnings (not really), or at the very least, a new layout.

Let me know what you think!



  1. Looks great! I love the banner photo. (I saw Tori this week, review on my blog!)

  2. thanks! (even though i’ve changed it twice! 🙂 ) i’m on my way over to read it right now! take care!

  3. Pumpkins are pretty!

  4. Love it! Orange is definitely your color.

  5. That’s my girl! Keepin’ it fresh like a daisy!

  6. Look terrific!


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