Posted by: shanty | October 12, 2007

Get off the cross we need the wood…

Two weeks from today Robbie and I will be getting the VIP treatment for Tori Amos’ concert at Constitution Hall in D.C. for her American Doll Tour!

I’m getting pretty excited! I haven’t seen her since I think April of ’05 maybe? Regardless I’m  intrigued to see how the ‘VIP Tickets’ situation is going to turn out.

You’ll be sure to get the run down after the concert! For now, feel free to enjoy the video I found on YouTube. It’s video of her photo shoot for the album and is set to a song from each of the five “personalities” on the album as each is getting photographed. I know, I know. She’s crazy. Get over it.

I think my favorite part is at the end when Tori’s daughter comments on the amount of lipstick she has on. Cute!  




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