Posted by: shanty | September 21, 2007

That Tyra Banks is a Cheap Bitch…

In honor of America’s Next Top Model premiering Wednesday night, I thought I’d post this article I found on Gawker titled “My ‘Tyra Banks Show’ Hell”.

It gives you a small glimpse into being an audience member of the TB Show (heh, TB…).

The sad thing is I don’t know if this makes me want to go more…


  1. on the real, ty ty needs a vacation. a loooooong one. and she can take that tired cast from that show…jay manuel and his yellow hair and orange flesh and perky nips

  2. Ooh… pizza. Doesn’t Oprah give you cars and books and bags and shit!? Forget T-zone, sucka, take me to Opie!!

  3. I’m not going to Oprah unless I get a house. Just sayin’. 🙂 xox

  4. Fuck yall Tyra is the best person ever to have a damn talk show!!!!

  5. Fuck you hater tyra is a great person.She saved ,y life many times over. It because of her insperation and help people love themselves.

  6. […] happier this morning when I opened my email and saw I had received this comment in response to my crazy Tyra Show post almost a year […]


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