Posted by: shanty | September 19, 2007


America’s Next Top Model hosted by the becoming-more-drag-y-by-the-day Tyra Banks returns for it’s 9th “cycle” (to non-fashion people that’s just code for “season”) tonight!

Watching the intro credits (Graciously linked below. You’re welcome.) you can see the decension into mediocrity and just plain ugly. I personally think Heather is the only one who stands a chance, but I haven’t been right since Eva.

Quoting Rich from FourFour whose recaps are read by billions every Monday following an episode, the immediate reaction to the promo picture below really is “Pigs in Space”.


The options are few at best (One girl has autism. Seriously, everbody. What’s next America’s Next Top Little Person Model? P.S. I would TOTALLY WATCH THAT!!!) and while normally a show that has such sorry prospects would make me un-excited about it, I can’t wait to see the inevitable trainwreck(s) to come! I wonder what Miss J will wear to symbolize the girls? How tan will Mr. J be this time? Will Tyra have prominent vagina arms again? The possibilities are endless, I tell you!!!

At any rate the whole of my body is shaking over the start of a new show tonight after Big Brother ended last night (I can’t wait to talk with Gabriel in person this weekend!).

Enjoy the opening credits and the commercial below and be sure to tune in to The CW at 8pm tonight! There’s also a show called Gossip Girl following ANTM that Robbie’s going to make me watch because the girl who played Veronica Mars narrates the show. Rock and or roll. My life is awesome.



  1. Oh ANTM… how I missed you so!?!?!?!

    I was a little disppointed that it was just semi-finals last night, and that the girls are kind of… well… FUGLY. But I do think this season could have some dramatic ass bitches in store for us. Word!

  2. hehe here I am getting excited becasue cycle (get me!) 8 is about to start in the UK! Whatever you do don’t tell me who wins, I promised myself I would never find out again after I found out Nicole (?) won way back when! It ruined the entire thing for me.

  3. Babe It was only an hour, but I really heart Heather. She’s for sure my fav. After you, duh.

    Daffy Thanks for stopping by! Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you! 🙂 Have fun with Season 8 and stop by again!


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