Posted by: shanty | September 18, 2007

Being a Slave Girl Takes it Outta Me…

Hi all!

I know it’s been quiet on the posting front, but things have been crack-a-lackin’ in the non-virtual ShantyTown.

This past weekend was spent shopping, spending lots o’ money, eating a lot of bad (good) food, and (unfortunately) spending a bit of time at the Falls Road Animal Hospital Emergency Room.

Saturday Robbie and I brunched with Shantytown good friends Shannon M. and Shelly at Miss Shirley’s (coincidentally Ed and Tony brunched there the very next day!) which was followed by a day long shopping extravaganza to WalMart, Ikea, Target and the White Marsh Mall (where we visited Ed at work).

That evening we had a hilarious time at Fullerton Manor Bingo with yet another Shantytown compatriot Ben. We didn’t win a damn thing, but some white trash bitch four tables from us won $4,300!! There are some HARDCORE bingo players there and we have yet to figure out what exactly is kept in the “bingo bags” that hold dobbers on the outside and a big mystery inside.

Sunday started off scarily and unexpectedly with Robbie calling me to ask if he could borrow one of my cat carriers to take his cat Dipstick to the Emergency Room. Long, long story short he (the cat) had some sort of severe urinary blockage that was effecting his kidneys in a bad way, but he’s doing much better now and will probably come home tonight.

Also, most importantly as you may know, Robbie bought a condo yesterday.

Hooray for him! Uh-oh for me. Some background: I bought my house last June and since then Robbie has been always helpful with all kinds of home improvement projects. Taking down old wallpaper? Check. Painting an impossibly high and hard to get to skylight at the height of summer heat and humidity? Check. Painting almost every wall in my house? Check. Installing air conditioners? Check. Picking up dead rats out of traps? Check. As you can see, I am very very lucky. And also very very indebted to him.

My repayment plan started yesterday. I had the day off work so while he was at settlement I went to his current house to make him his favorite dinner (lasagna). After he was done with his settlement we packed up his car and my car with a load of stuff, took it to his new condo, unloaded the stuff, went back to his apartment and packed up more stuff (and got crucial items that we hadn’t thought to bring like hand soap), stopped by my house for some paint rollers and went back to the condo. We painted an accent wall in his bedroom, set up his Spiderman themed bathroom (tots serious, everyone), ate some lasagna and went back to his house for some well deserved rest. Needless to say it was a long day.

The week is probably going to continue in that same sort of fashion–moving boxes, painting etc. to get ready for his big move on Saturday.

So, I’ve been busy. And while I may bitch and complain (I know, I know hard to believe), I really am glad I get to share this exciting time with him.


It’d be even sweeter if he hadn’t assaulted me with his ironing board on Sunday.

Check back for more updates on Robbie’s condo ’cause there ain’t shit else happening this week.



  1. Whadaya mean nothing else is happening this week? Girl, I’m a comin’ to town! That’s worth something ain’t it? 😉

  2. yeah, but i have to make it through until then! that’s the hard part! robbie’s a slave driver, i tell you!

  3. wow– so if I don’t clean up the spiderwebs, can *I* say I have a Spiderman themed bathroom too??

  4. I can’t thank you enough for all your help this week!!! Girl, you know I love ya!!!

    And Stu, as long as you’re not scared of spiders… I guess that could work!

  5. Stu Sure, if you want to be a big nerd like Robbie. Happy holidays (I’m not sure which one.)!

    R-uh Aw, shucks. I’m happy to help. You know I had to go in and fix your spelling, right? 🙂 xox


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