Posted by: shanty | September 10, 2007

MTV sucks

The way overhyped 2007 MTV Video Music Awards were held live from Las Vegas last night.

Robbie made me watch them with him and by probably a 1/3 of the way through I was reading a Details magazine from March. That’s how bored I was.

Britney Spears’ “comeback” was painful (PAINFUL!!!) to watch and everyone else was terrible too.

The only glimmer of hope in the entire retarded two hour and 20 minute fiasco was Sarah Silverman’s opening monologue. Perhaps my favorite part (although really there are too many to count) was: “Britney Spears is only 25 years old and has already accomplished everything she is going to accomplish in her life.”


I said to Robbie “I’ve wanted Sarah Silverman to be my friend for a long time but never more than right now.”

Click this link to the view the video on Sarah’s website. It’s uploaded to Daily Motion and WordPress will only let you upload YouTube and Google video. WTF?

Anyway, enjoy. It’s REALLY hysterical.

And be sure to head on over to Toons ‘n’ Tunes for what I’m sure will be a scathing moratorium on the entire event.



  1. I think I could do a Top Ten Reasons why the MTV Awards sucked. It should be re-named the HipHop awards. Rhiana over my Amy….are they insane???????????????????????? And although Britney looked way better than I would in the bikini….I KNOW I could have danced better. I’ll give Sarah kudo’s for deliverring!…unlike so many others.

  2. I’m glad Robbie and I weren’t the only ones that hated it. But I do have to disagree with you on one thing–I can’t stand Amy Winehouse. UGH.

  3. I know she is a trainwreck..but I love her voice and the music and the sensibility. I seriously hope she doesn’t implode.

  4. I already posted it on Robbie’s blog, but you get it too… I almost shat myself…

    oh wait, I was wrong, I did shit myself… gotta go clean this up

  5. okay I watched the monologue… It was funny but she bombed… I don’t think the audience was prepared for mean jokes about Britney after that sad and painful opening number… and then the Paris joke was unfunny and Sarah lost whatever little momentum she had, and it just went downhill from there. Sarah specializes in offensive humor and that crowd didn’t seem ready to laugh at offensive/racist stuff. Too bad for them!


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