Posted by: shanty | August 31, 2007

A few things…

I know I suck and haven’t been posting, but between lots of TV, being sick, Robbie buying a house, and me trying to finish my home improvement list before I have to repay my debt to him for the year+ help he has so graciously given to me, some things had to fall at the way side.

Sorry about that.

But here is some news: This is my 100th post!



Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to check in even though I don’t post all the time. I do have to say I’m pretty proud of myself–if you’re familiar with me at all you know I’m all about starting shit (hi, basement organization, doing laundry or dishes, and general household chores) and never complete them. But I’m glad I’ve stuck this out. It’s been fun. And will hopefully continue for some time.In other news, it’s Labor Day this Monday in the states which means I’m off work!! And since today is “the day before a holiday” I get to leave at 1:00!! Woot! Wooooooooooot!

Traditionally people have cookouts, get some projects done around the house and veg out. I am planning on doing all of the above with the exception of the cookout.

Tomorrow Robbie and I are going to The Maryland Zoo and then to Home Depot or the like for paint for him and assorted needs for me, Sunday my Dad is coming over to my house to help me put up some shelves I’ve had in their boxes for over a year while I’ve been procrastinating with the painting of my bedroom (this is of course completely depending on whether I actually finish painting by Sunday…) and then we’re going to go to The Baltimore Streetcar Museum, and Sunday night Robbie and I are going to the Dusk ’til Dawn movie showing at Bengie’s Drive-In in good ol’ Middle River, hon. Then Monday will be chock full of sittin’, nappin’ and not doing much.



So it should be a nice, relaxing weekend filled with fun adventures and a for certain movie overload. I hope you enjoy your weekend (whenther it is Labor Day involved or not) and I’ll see you all back here bright and early Tuesday morning!

Take care of yourself, and each other.

xox, shanty



  1. um, why am I not listed in your agenda for the weekend.

  2. Because you hadn’t confirmed yet, my dear. 🙂


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