Posted by: shanty | August 23, 2007

Oh… My… God…

Ok, ok… I know a few days ago I said I should actually write something instead of posting a bunch of dumb YouTube videos but I HAD to post this.

For those of you familiar with Big Brother of seasons past you may remember Mike Boogie (a contestant on Season 2 and the person who won last season’s All Star season by showmancing the shit outta stupid starving Erika) and Dr. Will (also from Season 2, also a competitor on last season’s All Stars, also the originator of the term “showmance”, AND who I had and still have quite a crush on.).

Below is a video of the two of them… interacting on one of my favorite shows “Dr. 90210”. The premise of the show is a few prominent Hollywood plastic surgeons are followed and seen helping their various patients. Will is one of the new doctors on the show this season and his friend Mike Boogie comes to see him.

Why you’d agree to have this televised nationally I’ll never know. Also I don’t believe Mike gets nearly the amount of play he says he does. Or at least the quality. Obviously.

But boy oh boy does Will still look good.




  1. Will was cute up until the last 15 seconds when he said, “Diagnosis: hottie, prescription: Red Bull”. sorry man, ya lost me there.

  2. Mike Boogie could be one of the most vile creatures on this earth. His clothes were appaling… i dunno if those over-sized ties or the members only jacket were worse. Every word that came out of his mouth was despicable. And though blurry, judging from Will’s grip and what not, I think his penis is miniscule, even if it was flaccid. I hate Boogie. Will still looks cute tho.

    I have a question – if your best friend is a plastic surgeon, why don’t you get you hideous nose fixed while your already in the office to get a venereal wart removed?

    I have a second question – Why in the world would you bring up the fact that you found a bump on your penis at a business meeting?


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