Posted by: shanty | August 20, 2007

A Rectum full of sperm

Sent to me by Shantytown friend Stu the full length “Vagina Power and Penis Power” video from Alexyss Tylor’s public access show. I’d seen the remix, but wasn’t sure if I’d seen this one.

My favorite quote is below. She is talking about women who choose men who are good in bed over men who are good providers.

“‘Cuz if we’re at a lower level of it and we hooked on the penis power and this man won’t even buy you… uh… some shrimp from Long John Silver’s… and what… that plate what? $2.99? But he can give you, uh, a mouth full of sperm and a rectum full of sperm…”

Oh Alexyss. You so right, girl. You SO right.

Anyway, enjoy!



  1. Who is this woman????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. go here:
    it’s very entertaining. i also love the booty music in the background. heh.

  3. Alexyss has a new video clip up now on Youtube…

    Alexyss K. Tylor Warning to Gay Boys

    Rest assured, there is more mouth- and rectum-filling.

  4. i got this message when i tried to view it on youtube: “The url contained a malformed video id.”
    whatever that means…

  5. Sorry, I guess I cut off the last letter… the link is

  6. “lookin’ for some dick… slash crack…” that’s funny

  7. She just wants some hard dick…thats all


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