Posted by: shanty | August 10, 2007

Help I have done it again

So here is a video I really like. It is “Breathe Me” by Sia (who is the vocalist on the Zero 7 song “You’re My Flame.”). Apparently it was on the finale of Six Feet Under, but I didn’t watch that show so I wouldn’t know.

It’s really pretty and the video is interesting. What more could you want to help you waste three minutes and seventeen seconds at work on a Friday?




  1. Awesome song…you didn’t watch Six Feet Under????????!!!!!!!!!!! QUICK….run to your nearest store and rent the season(s). I still miss the characters on that show.


  2. I second that, Six Feet Under was an incredible show, about a thousand times better than that Big Brother crap you’re watching. and the finale was mindblowing.

  3. The ending was incredible…and so many memorable moments in between. The cost of Nate inadvertently taking Ecstacy?…priceless. and Mum??????? DeeeLicious.


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