Posted by: shanty | August 2, 2007

BB8 + TVgasm = Screen Capture Heaven!

So I love reality TV. And I just learned how to do a screen capture like last week (I know, I know, but I never said anything about being a techie. I’m pretty, I don’t need to be smart, right?).

That makes for a bad combo. This morning instead of doing work (seriously, I’ve been here for over and hour and haven’t done ANYTHING), I’ve been checkin’ my usual sites such as these. And then I went on over to TVgasm to see if there were any new Big Brother Season 8 (BB8 to those of us in the know) recaps. And not only is there a new one, but the screen capture below shows the Buzzgasm headline for the morning.

Needless to say I almost pooped.

In case you’re not caught up there was a lot of Jesus talk in the BB house during Tuesday’s episode. Jameka seems to think that God has already predetermined the winner and she doesn’t want to get in His way. Also, Amber cried a lot (if I could get that “Jameka, Jameka, Jameka” blubbering stutter on a loop, I could die happy, btw.).

Anyway, it was an action packed hour of crying, Jesus, and foolishness. For more info, head over to QTA for Sunday recaps, Tapeworthy for Tuesday recaps ModFab for Thursday recaps.

For now, enjoy the screencap or check out TVgasm for their own recaps.




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