Posted by: shanty | July 31, 2007

Star Jones had gastric bypass? Nu-uh!!

In this article I read this morning, Star Jones discusses why she refused to admit that she had gastric bypass surgery that was responsible for her dramatic 150+ lbs. weight loss. I guess she thought that her just-walked-outta-Auschwitz-sunken-eyed-and-fucked-up-neck-waddle look that is so common among gastric bypass patients didn’t tip anyone off.

Star Before


Star After


If she wanted to change her life and her health, I think that’s great. I just think it’s a pussy move to not admit that you didn’t do it on your own. ‘Cause you didn’t, Star. And if you were “afraid of what people might think” then maybe you should’ve reconsidered your choice beforehand. Like I posted last week, the physical standards to which people are held to are unattainable, and for Star Jones to contribute to that mindset is really shitty, in my opinion. No normal woman her size could have feasibly lose as much weight as she did in as little time as she did without the aid of pills or surgery. Also, has she admitted to post operative surgery to fix her titties and tummy (I missed the last Star Jones Fanclub meeting, so I’m not really sure.)? ‘Cause you know thos boobies were NEVER that perky.

As those of you who know me are aware, I am WAY anti-elective surgery. I have a family history of poorly planned and executed surgeries that were unnecessary and almost killed members of my family. I just don’t understand why someone would subject themselves to the high possibility of death unless it was absolutely necessary.

In this article from CBS News it is reported that in “a recent study by researchers at the University of Washington found that 1 in 50 people die within one month of having gastric bypass surgery, and that figure jumps nearly fivefold if the surgeon is inexperienced.”

Those odds are way too risky for me. I understand that the surgery has and can help many people, but it seems to me as with so many new surgeries, the people for whom the surgery was intended are not the only people getting it. Sixteen year olds shouldn’t be getting this kind of surgery. People who only have 40 or 50 pounds to lose shouldn’t be getting this surgery. There are newer laproscopic reversable band type gastric bypass surgeries, but still–if you don’t need to be cut out of your trailer and can move your body, I don’t understand what would make someone purposely alter their body surgically. To me it seems like it should be a last ditch effort, not the first choice because it’s “easier.”

Also, how sad is this? A 16 year-old girl who underwent gastric bypass surgery. What the fuck?

In other news, I’ve lost five pounds. On my own. Without any fucked up pills or starvation. Go me! Mexico, here I come!


  1. I hear you…when the risks and possible side effects are so huge with a surgery, it just seems pathetic to go ahead with it. Not that I care one bit, but I guess SJ was hopeful that people would think that ‘exercize and good eating did it all and just look at me!’ I read that those gastric bands can slip and what? incapsulate something that shouldn’t be and THEN where would one be..obese & a colostomy & hating yourself?

    AND supposing one does do the surgery and finds an experienced surgeon to do….so your stomach is smaller…but as we well know, sometimes eating has nothing to do with hunger pangs….how do you spell: ruptured??????

  2. thanks for reading, cathy! yeah, i really don’t understand why someone would be willing to alter their anatomy when it has a high likelyhood of killing them. and that doesn’t solve all of the problems either! oye! self control doesn’t come from surgery, everybody!! this drives me CRAZY!! i would never ever want to be limited to such small amounts of food that i have to take huge doses of vitamins everyday forever so my body doesn’t shut down and if i did eat something wrong i’d be puking or shitting my brains out. no thanks! i think it’s really sad when some resigns themselves to this fate.


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