Posted by: shanty | July 26, 2007

Why I love My Friend Shannon M.


 So I was talking to my best girlfriend Shannon M. this morning and in the middle of the conversation she said:

“Oh my god! There’s someone at my door and I don’t have a top on! Hold on!”

That’s why I love her and also why she and I get along so well. ‘Cause we’re CLASSY.

(Thanks to my BFF Robbie for letting me steal the image from him without asking.)



  1. I happen to know for a fact that she rarely wears bottoms, either. Classy AND slutty (and gorgeous).

  2. did she play harper in Angels in America? She was fantastic…

  3. G OMG! You commented! I’m so honored! I miss ya.

    Phillip She did indeed. And she is indeed. More so than many people will ever be fortunate enough to know.


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