Posted by: shanty | July 24, 2007

Six Times in the First Two Minutes…

…”syphilis and gonorrhea,” that is.

My new favorite pastime while bored at work is viewing various Smoking Gun videos.

They have a truly spectacular one titled “V.D. …it is your problem” from 1976 intended to educate people on V.D.

It centers around a cocktail party and shows how misinformed people are about the syphilis and the gonorrhea.

Since it’s not a YouTube, Google or DailyMotion video (Nazi fuckin’ WordPress bastards) I can’t upload a video directly, so you’ll have to click the link above. Give it a try, it’s pretty funny.




  1. Syphilis? Gonorrhea? sounds like Saturday night at the Hippo

  2. “a rubber?! that cramps my style!”

  3. This is timely…not because I have had a VD but because a couple of days ago I saw a print ad that was created in the 40s (I think). I’ve enclosed the link from Wikipedia…you know how that is you end up reading things that you never intended too…but it’s pretty funny. And of course it’s all the woman’s fault…typical 40s fashion.

  4. Sort of looks like Jessica Lange on that poster Phillip!

    Shanty – I don’t think you need to worry about the pre-sale. We were in right away and there were still great seats about an hour later – in Albany at least. It only last 24 hours until regular on sale I think.

  5. Phillip That poster cracked me up. I’m a sucker for pulp advertising and the like. Infact, I’ve just recently started a pulp smut book collection. It’s awesome! 🙂

    JB :SIGH: All I’m going to say is Robbie and I were trying for VIP tix all day yesterday. ALL. DAY. UGH!!

  6. Stu (omg I just typed Stud accidentally… Freudian slip?) You crack me up. I couldn’t decide who I liked the best. But I think for now I’ll go with the old guy talking about the boys coming back from war. Heh.


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