Posted by: shanty | July 23, 2007

Weeds, Weeds, and more Weeds!

So most of you know I’ve been on a self-prescribed hiatus from blogging. As I said earlier, upon returning today I was surprised that my numbers had been so high while I was away.

Upon later investigation, I realized that this is a large reason why (not to diss my loyal readers at all, btw!).

I’ve been listed on Showtime’s Weeds website in the Blog Buzz section!

Woot! Woot!

In honor of that and in honor of the Weeds Season Three premiere in three weeks, here’s a great clip from the second season.

God I love this show!!




  1. little known fact… this is the exact same way Shanty and I became best friends. Except I wasn’t wearing a blond wig when we came to this decision.

  2. omg, i SO wish that were true. you know how much i love it when you pull my hair… 🙂 xox


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