Posted by: shanty | July 23, 2007

Photoshop of Horrors Indeed…

So I found this article online today and thought it was really interesting. With so much pressure to look “perfect” (and so many of us missing the mark and feeling inadequate) it’s amazing we can get up in the morning.

I am a long time member of the Church of Body Issues and Self Images Problems, so it’s kind of refreshing to get a reminder that no one really is perfect.



  1. I think I will send this to every woman I know. I can think of only one of them who won’t nod her head sadly.


  2. Who’s this one person? I think it’s pretty universal, myself. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. My sister could use seeing that… she keeps complaining about cellulite and such, and I’m like, yes, real women have cellulite… accept being a real woman!

  4. This comment on the article made me laugh and laugh…

    “What the fuck is that pose she’s in anyway? This much retouching wouldn’t be neccessary if the photog wasn’t actively trying to make her look like she was caught in the middle of an attempt to take a dump off the edge of the sofa.”


  5. one gf who is practically back to her birth weight…only EVER eats nutritious, body building food…like Tofu and Air. Drinks enough water in one day for a small family of 4 during a month. She feels she is the best she could ever be and totally doesn’t understand the need to be ‘re-touched’ etc. Otherwise, hilarious and sweet!

  6. Stu A ha! You are alive after your fateful trip to DC! 🙂

    Cathy Oye. I’m sure she’s perfectly lovely, but give me a break. Everybody could use a little something, right? That’s what gets me through the day. That and booze. 🙂


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