Posted by: shanty | July 6, 2007

I’m Lonely so lonely can i come home with you?

Inspired by Gabriel, I thought I’d post about one of my favorite songs from 2007. Or what I thought was one of my favorite songs of 2007. The album Crazy Itch Radio by Basement Jaxx actually came out December 01, 2006.

With awesome songs like “Red Alert,” “Good Luck,” “Romeo,” “Oh My Gosh,” and “Where’s Your Head At,” how can you not love them?

Ah well. Even if it’s not really a song of 2007, this is still one of my favorite songs as of late.

It’s called “Take Me Back to Your House” and the video as well as a live performance on Conan O’Brien follows.


live on Conan O’Brien



  1. and i just linked the mp3 for ya… so take me back to your blog… or something… xoxo

  2. May have been a 2006 album….but ALL new to me. (such a sheltered existence). Loving these songs….thanks for the post.


  3. […] the post over at Shantytown, I decided to share some of the Basement Jaxx love with everybody. […]

  4. Cathy If you’re interested, you should get the Basement Jaxx Singles album. It has all of their best… well, singles. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Excellent…will keep an eye out for it. Thanks.


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