Posted by: shanty | July 4, 2007

Oh Ryan, you came and you gave without taking…

Hailing from Vancouver and the winner of the illustrious 2005 Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Scary Scene for his (gorgeous ab) work in Amityville Horror, he was also nominated for a 2002 MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Male Performance for Van Wilder.

He failed his high school drama class and dated Alanis Morisette and Rachel Leigh Cook. He has a fear of flying and was offered the role of Xander in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And, did I mention he is crazy hot? I would very easily strangle the life out of someone with my bare hands to get a chance to lick those fine, fine abs.

Anyway, without further adieu, I give you the hotness that is Ryan Reynolds.



(P.S. Can we talk about what a great present him chained up to my bed would be? Damn! My birthday’s March 13th, people. Just sayin’.)

reynolds29.jpg        ryan_reynolds_97.jpg       ryan-2-resized.jpg




  1. he is so yummy! add the sense of humor and you can;t get much better.

  2. JB You’re so right. Are we soul mates? 🙂

  3. we just might be! 🙂


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