Posted by: shanty | July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth, Y’all!


So it’s July Fourth. Independence Day here in the states (I just learned from Eddie that I have international readers… Hi Kathy!).

It is the 231st anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It became a federal holiday in 1870 but didn’t become a paid federal holiday until 1941 (Weird, huh?).

The National Hot Dog Eating Contest is held annually today at Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island. It is said to have started on July 4th of 1914 to settle a dispute amongst immigrants as to who was more patriotic. Ironically Pepto Bismol (as we know it today) was not invented until 1919.

I hope that everyone enjoys their day safely and doesn’t eat hot dogs until they puke. But if that’s how you roll, so be it…. 🙂

Happy Fourth, everyone!



  1. Hi…I have just started to check out your posts (daily!) Also have a friend…Kim..who is reading.(also a Cnd)

    That’s the ticket with hot dogs….stick to eating one and do it really well!

    Happy Independence Day.

  2. I totally ate 4 hot dogs at work today. Not in a blazingly fast time or anything. I just ate four. Fuck… I am fat.

    Hi Cathy!!!!

  3. Did you know they were charging $5 for hot dogs in DC yesterday… well at least at the Mall… as soon as you left the checkpoints the vendors were charging $2… needless to say… I went hot-dog less yesterday

  4. Cathy Thanks for stopping by so regularly! I’m glad you’re enjoying my fucked up stories! 🙂

    Kim Welcome!

    Eddie 4 huh? Didya also have 3/4 of a pound of Omish Macaroni Salad? 🙂

    Babe Wow, if you would’ve had 66 that would’ve been $330! Or $132. Either way. 🙂 xox

  5. You bitch.

    It is Amish by the way… and no, I did not. There was none available at Ye Olde Macy Cookout (on a George Foreman)…

  6. Eddie Suck it, Mary! 🙂

  7. You know, Hebrew National’s 97% Fat Free hot dogs are very tasty and only have 1.5g of fat per dog, compared with regular hot dogs that are 15, 20, or even 30g per. (There Eddie, I mentioned Hebrew National– doesn’t that give you a little Jew thrill.)

  8. i just may have to try those hot dogs! even if they are jewish. 😉


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