Posted by: shanty | July 2, 2007

What the Hell?

So here’s another pop culture observation today. What the hell is up with pseudo-famous reality show stars and launching new “lines” on various home shopping networks?

Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model (another reality OBSESSION for me) now has his own line of cosmetics called “Manual Override.” From the website: “So, what does Jay do to unwind? When he isn’t busy working on his TV shows, hosting charitable events or creating innovative cosmetics, he can usually be found munching popcorn at his local movie theatre.” “Local movie theatre,” huh? And no, there’s no meantion of the sticky floors. Also: creating innovative cosmetics? Really, Jay? Did you really create them yourself or did a 12 year old in Bangladesh do it? Geez.

Another new member of the not-really celebrity “line” club is Carson Kressley. That’s right, the intrepid “fashion guru” of Bravo’s now defunct (and terrible WAAAY before it was finally cancelled) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy now has his own fashion line called “Perfect.” On QVC. No lie.

So I get that they need cash. I get that. I get that they’re (or their staff is) smart enough to realize they won’t be recognizable forever and that they want to do as much as possible while their… ahem… celebrity moon is still waxing, but doesn’t the whole QVC/HomeShopping Channel thing totally discredit them? Is it that they’re greedy and want all of the white trash grandma’s in Kentucky to buy their stuff instead of selling it at Sephora/Bloomingdale’s or is it that Sephora/Bloomingdale’s wouldn’t have them in the first place?

I dunno what my problem is specifically, but it really chaps my ass when these not-even-close-to-celebrities dream up this whole new line of shit and have it out in a matter or weeks it seems while there are truly talented but unknown people who will never have the same success even if they have triple the talent. But I guess that’s how it is nowadays.




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