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Music Quiz 3

Update 07/06/07: Thanks to everyone for guessing and for making this the first Music Quiz to be completed! Woot! Woot! 🙂 

Here we go again!

1. Doing everything by halves… got a real flare with excuses. Meeting someone at the bar… where loose ends still have uses. It’s complicated… this time, I think it could be. Triangulated, it could be just what we need… So what you say… we give it up and walk away? We’re overrated, anyway. Imogen Heap, Loose Ends, Robbie

2. While he was schemeing I was beamin in the Beamer just beamin’ Can’t believe that I caught my man cheatin’ So I found another way to make him pay for it all So I went to Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree And on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia And as the cash box rang I thought everything away Blue Cantrell, Hit ‘Em Up Style, Robbie

3. When I’m walking down the street I call your name Inside my head I go insane Don’t you know that it’s really making me crazy There were days when I went completely blind No time to think and I lost time Won’t believe what’s happened to me lately ‘Cause everyday it’s the same day Different faces with no names Places I’ve never been before And everyday it’s the same thing Different faces with no names Places I’ve never been before Danni Minogue, I Begin to Wonder, Robbie

4. Don’t blame me just because I am bored I’m needy, I need to taste it all Don’t doubt me just because I am quiet I’m thinking, thinking about it all I’m helpless about the way of me
I’m thinking, thinking about it all I’m sorting everything inside I’m looking in the space
This time, this void I’m making my way through the muddy minutes The pull is in my muscle The ache is in my bones It’s hard to be alone
Kylie Minogue, Breathe, Robbie

5. See that boy just standing over there He stopped me today said he liked my hair… Ooh He asked me where you going tonight… (err) and I said I’m with my girls… (yea A was on the run) To tell you the truth he was just a lil bit… fresh He said he liked the way I put my lipstick… on He said how many sugars do you like in your tea? (umm) But I stopped listenin’ he got me day dreamin’ Basement Jaxx, Oh My Gosh, Robbie

6. There is something wrong, and there is something right When you can take me by the hands and I will close my eyes When you lay down with me you took the other side When you lay down with me you never slept that night Are you working up to something? But you give me almost nothing Keep me hopeless, up to something On my knees The Bird and The Bee, Fucking Boyfriend, Howard

7. I know I may be young, but I’ve got feelings too. And I need to do what I feel like doing. So let me go and just listen. All you people look at me like I’m a little girl. Well did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world. Always saying little girl don’t step into the club. Well I’m just tryin’ to find out why cause dancing’s what I love. Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA) Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA) (Do you like it) Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH) (This feels good) Britney Spears, I’m A Slave 4 U, Robbie

8. I called you after midnight Then ran until my heart burst I passed the howling woman
And stood outside your door I kissed you in the water And made your dry lips sing I saw you look Like a Japanese baby In an instant I remembered everything…
The Cure, The Walk, Damion @ QTA

9. Come on hold my hand, I wanna contact the living. Not sure I understand, This role I’ve been given. I sit and talk to god And he just laughs at my plans, My head speaks a language, I don’t understand. I just wanna feel real love, Feel the home that I live in.
’cause I got too much life, Running through my veins, going to waste.
Robbie Williams, Feel, JB

10. let me take your hand I’m shaking like milk turning turning blue all over the windows and the floors fires outside in the sky look as perfect as cats the two of us together again but it’s just the same a stupid game but i don’t care if you don’t and i don’t feel if you don’t and i don’t want it if you don’t and i won’t say it if you don’t say it first The Cure, Let’s Go to Bed, Howard

11. Gimme a beat! Sittin’ in the movie show Thinkin’ nasty thoughts Better be a gentleman Or you’ll turn me off That’s right, lemme tell it. Nasty, nasty boys, don’t mean a thing. Oh, you nasty boys. Nasty, nasty boys, don’t ever change. Oh you nasty boys. Janet Jackson, Nasty, Julie!! & Howard




    was #11 the idiot easy one for me?? 🙂

  2. Ooo! Ooo!
    #6: “Fucking Boyfriend” – The Bird & The Bee (one of my favorite albums of the year!
    #10: “Let’s Go To Bed” – The Cure
    #11: “Nasty” – Miss Jackson (coz I’m nasty)

  3. YAY JULIE!! Congrats! 🙂 Not specifically, it’s just hard to use that song. 🙂 but I’m gald you got one. HUZZAH!

    Howard I love The Bird and The Bee album too! Do you have the remix of Fucking Boyfriend?

  4. I do. My iPod played one of the last night at the store and then I get home and find your lyric here. It was funny.

  5. 9-Feel Robbie “I like to be naked” Williams

    D’oh…that’s the only one I can figure out!

  6. Howard Well, I’m glad that you find me entertaining. 🙂

    JB Good job! Thanks for playing again!

  7. ok… so i totally answered this monring… wordpress needs to stop eating my comments… here we go again –

    1 – Imogen Heap – Loose Ends
    2 – Blu Cantrell – Hit EM Up Style (oops)
    3 – dannii – I begin to wonder/spin
    4 – kylie – breathe
    5 – basement jaxx – oh my gosh
    7 – britney – slave 4 u

  8. Robbie Good job. I knew you could do it! xox

  9. I can’t believe I didn’t get #4. It’s my favorite Kylie song.

  10. Howard Sorry about that! Better luck next time! You have to be fast with the Kylie songs though, ’cause Robbie usually gets those with a quickness. Have a good Fourth! 🙂

  11. #8 “The Walk” The Cure

  12. GOD I love that song! they are going on tour again… the Patriot center

  13. Damion Hooray! Thanks for completing the quiz! OMG! I want to see them! When? When?!? Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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