Posted by: shanty | July 1, 2007

This is my motto

I like to think of myself as funny, caring, loud, opinionated and compassionate. I know I can be mean, bitchy and moody. Also I know I can be really selfish and self centered. I own up to it though. And when I was looking at PostSecret I saw this postcard and it totally could be mine. Not that I think it’s a bad thing, it just could be.


(I didn’t notice the typo until I had looked at it a couple of times, but I still like it. But because I have mild OCD it’s kinda bugging the shit out of me. Oh well.)



  1. would that be the comma outside the quotes? because that bothers me.

  2. Julie No, it’s the “you do to better” instead of “you to do better.” Ugh.

  3. either way… it’s funny

  4. being the anal retentive jew that I am, I noticed the typo immediately. hey, did I mention I’m a jew?

  5. Hairy Teeter yeah, it is. xox

    Stue the Jew So are all Jews anal retentive? Are all anal retentives Jews? If so, I guess I’m a bad Jew ’cause I never had my Bat Mitzvah. 🙂


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