Posted by: shanty | June 29, 2007

Really? Only That Much?

I just took a quiz to find out how much my dead body would be worth.

Morbid? Yes.

Funny? Yes!

The shitty part is it’s not even enough to pay for my new windows!!

What the fuck?!

See the total below and take the quiz yourself. If you’re worth more than I am, we should totally get married.

$3390.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth



  1. How did you beat me? 3350.00 Fuck.

  2. I have no idea how I got so fancy: $4825.

  3. Eddie I don’t know how Robbie got more than both of us. He’s lying.

    StinklyLulu I recognize you from Gabriel’s blog and am flattered that you ventured over here! I must say I’m jealous of your $4825! Thanks for reading!

  4. We would proably have to stop smoking and limit our drinking to be worth more. Ah well…


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