Posted by: shanty | June 27, 2007

Joss Stone is my new Hero!

Joss Stone, the 20 year old British songstress, just made my list of girls I actually want as a friend (Really I don’t like most girls. They’re annoying.).

Apparently ModFab‘s favorite celebrity whore (and by favorite I mean most despised), Perez Hilton, said that Joss Stone “fucks for tracks” and in retaliation she made this YouTube Video. A spoof of the Sally Struther’s help the starving African Children infomercial, it is really REALLY funny.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. That was fantastic. Thanks Shanty!!


  2. […] save joss 27 06 2007 Apparently Joss Stone and Perez Hilton are having a bitch fight. Perez said some mean shit about Joss, and Joos called his shit out on youtube. See the video over at Shanty’s page! […]

  3. R-uh It’s always a good day when I discover something pop culture related before you do! 🙂 thanks for linking to me, too! xox


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