Posted by: shanty | June 27, 2007

Dreamy McDreamerson

He’s won an OBIE and a Lucille Lortel Award. He’s been nominated for an Emmy Award, a SAG Award and a Golden Globe. He was in the movie version of one of my most favorite plays ever. He’s in my favorite TV show. He’s got pretty blue eyes and in my dreams he’s really good in bed.

He is none other than Justin Kirk. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any even remotely NSFW. But these are still cute!

Happy Hump Day!







justin-1-redone.jpg           justin-2-redone.jpg         justin-3-redone.jpg





  1. to indulge your NSFW needs !! omg blog !!

  2. Well now… that’s quite a wang he has there!

  3. Thats one big pecker!!!

    And I agree…. dreamboat!

  4. He’s naked in Angels in America…

  5. JB YOWSA! Thanks for the hook up! I think my dream may have been more of a premonition!

    Babe :Kathleen from ANTM Voice: I know right?!

    Ed He is dreamy. With a dreamy pecker to boot!

    Phillip Yes he was, but it wasn’t erotic. It was more “I’m really sick.” I can’t get all hot and bothered by that kind of nudity.

  6. Well now you’re just being picky…

  7. Phillip Is that picky or just human? 🙂 j/k Have a great weekend!


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