Posted by: shanty | June 25, 2007

Music Quiz 2

You know the drill.

1. Bass, uh, uh, 808, uh, Jay, uh-huh, Ready? uh-huh, let’s go get ’em, uh-huh, c’mon,  I used to run base like Juan Pierre now I run the bass hi hat and the snare I used to bag girls like Birkin bags Now I bag B, boy you hurtin’ that Brooklyn Bay where they birthed me at now I be everywhere, the nerve of the rap the audactiy to have me whippin’ curtains back me and B, she about to sting, stand back Beyonce, Deja Vu, JB

2. Sittin’, waitin’, anticipatin’, waitin’ for your call tossin’, turnin’, my heart’s burnin’ from the things I saw I’m sorry baby, you can’t play me, I just can’t be used I’m so fed up, time to get up, baby we are through I thought that what we had would never end but now it’s too late for my heart to mend and although what we had was good I’ve got to make this understood

3. What I want, give me you know I wanna please you what I wanna do to you, you don’t waste no time, do you? you know I’m looking through you why you wanna tease me I want you to come and please me

4. Oh, you know her. Would ya look at that hair! Yeah, you know her, check out those shoes. She looks like she stepped out of the middle of somebody’s blues. She looks like the sunday comics! She thinks she’s Brenda Starr. Her nose job is real atomic… All she needs is an old knife scar! Blondie, Rip Her To Shreds, Robbie

5.  Don’t want to take my clothes off, but I do. I don’t want to turn nobody on, unless it’s you. I don’t want to dance too hard, baby but this is a groove, yes it is! funky, I’m hot, and I don’t care who knows it, I got a job to do, think I ain’t, come on Prince, Black Sweat, Robbie

6. Why’d i play the fool go through ups n downs knowing all the time you wouldnt be around or maybe i liked the stress ‘cuz i was young ‘n restless but that was long ago I dont wanna cry no more Mary J. Blige, No More Drama, JB

7. And I just can’t look it’s killing me and taking control jealousy turning saints into the sea swimming through sick lullabies choking on youe alibis but it’s just the price I pay destiny is calling me open up my eager eyes

8. You sold me sold me sold me down the river now hope you’re feeling happy now, now you’ll always have a sneer in your smile, but wake up baby, you’re so totally deluded, you’ll end up old and lonely, if you don’t get a bullet in your head Basement Jaxx, Good Luck, Robbie

9. I told you everything, opened up and let you in, you made me feel alright for once in my life, now all that’s left of me is what I pretend to be, so together but so broken up inside, ’cause I can’t breathe, no, I can’t sleep I’m barely hangin’ on, here I am once again, I’m torn into pieces can’t deny it, can’t pretend, just thought you were the one. Kelly Clarkson, Behind These Hazel Eyes, JB

10. Now it’s obvious you need a friend to come hold you down, be that one you share your everything with when no one’s around, baby, come tell me your secrets, and tell me all your dreams, ’cause I can see you need someone to trust, you can trust in me Rhianna, If It’s Lovin’ That You Want, Robbie

11. If I were him, I’d know your birthday. Just what to get, the colors you wear. We’d buy old bikes, we’d ride on Sundays. You’d review the books I sent. And I know, It takes 22 steps from the walk to your door, It takes 22 steps because I’ve tried it before. And one day I’ll knock, but just not yet. Andy Stochansky, 22 Steps, Robbie



  1. 4 – rip her to shreds – blondie
    5 – black sweat – prince
    8- good luck – basement jaxx
    10- if it’s lovin that you want – rihanna
    11 – 22 steps – andy stochansky

    ok… i know all but 2 of them… but it would be unfair to drop 9 on it all at once… so if no one gets it… i’ll add more tomorrow

  2. And that is why I love you so! xox

  3. 1 – deja vu, beyonce
    6 – no more drama, miss mary j
    9 – i think is kelly clarkson?? behind these hazel eyes maybe?

  4. JB Right on all counts! Thanks for stopping by and playing!


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