Posted by: shanty | June 22, 2007

What the Fuck Was I Thinking?

If you’re a watcher of Weeds, you may remember back to the first episode of the second season when Nancy found out that Peter was a DEA Agent. As she was leaving his house, there was a song playing with the lyrics “What the fuck was I thinking?” and I thought it sounded really pretty (in a sad way). Since then I’ve been re-watching season 2 with Robbie so he can get caught up for season 3 and I remembered how much I liked it.

Today I was doing research for a post for this weekend (on Weeds, surprisingly) and found the song title and musician’s name. Her name is Jenny Owen Youngs and the Song is “Fuck Was I” from her album “Batten the Hatches” (it also appeared on the “Take Off All Your Clothes” EP where there is a remix by Morgan Page).

I downloaded both the album version and the remix from iTunes ’cause I’m not cool like Robbie and don’t know secret places to get free downloads.

So here are some links for her.






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