Posted by: shanty | June 22, 2007

Mr. Leatherman, bring me a dream…

When ShantyTown friend Gabriel (from the blog I want to have when I grow up ModFab) was in town recently he had the foresight to bring along a DVD titled “Mr. Leather”. Here’s the synopsis from the website:

“About the movie:
  ‘Mr. Leather’ is an unforgettable journey into the lives of today’s leathermen and the exciting, sexy and hilarious world of Leather Contests. It is a touching, never-before-seen view of an underground gay lifestyle that is as funny as it is inspiring. From home, to work, to the bars, to the sex shop, we follow nine contestants to see who will be crowned the next Mr. Los Angeles Leather.”

For a more… indepth review of the film, walk do not run over to FourFour and read Rich’s hilarious blog entry titled “Pageant Queens”. His entire blog is fantastic and if I didn’t already have a truly amazing best friend, I would totally stalk Rich. But only in the I-want-you-to-be-my-friend way. Not a scary I-want-to-watch-you-sleep way.

Anyway, back to the leather.

So Gabriel was here, we watched the movie, it took me about five minutes to figure out the difference between a “top fister” and a “bottom fister”, I got “poor little straight girl” pity looks from the gays in the room, and that was that. Until I read Rich’s blog entry from yesterday. And THEN I read the comments. Someone commented about a new documentary coming out soon titled “Bear”.

What’s it about, you ask? Why it’s a documentary about the International Mr. Bear Competition.


Below is the trailer for the movie. I seriously can’t wait.

Woot! Woot!



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