Posted by: shanty | June 20, 2007

Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

What actor was in all of the following films: 

Romeo + Juliet, Anchorman, The Cider House Rules, 200 Cigarettes, The Object of My Affection.

 What actor also played the following roles:

Phoebe’s boyfriend/husband Mike on Friends

Ashley Judd’s boyfriend on Sisters

Cher’s brother in Clueless

Steve Carrell’s co-worker in The 40 Year Old Virgin

Parker Posey’s husband in The OH in Ohio

The brother-in-law in Knocked Up

That’s right! My future husband (even if, again, he is married and has a child), Paul Rudd!

Paul Rudd is gorgeous, and despite being 5’7″-ish, is totally in my Johnny Depp Category. He’s a great character actor of stage and screen and seems really funny and charming and I would totally bang him. So here, loyal readers, is your Way Hot Wednesday entrant, Paul Rudd.





paul-3.jpg           paul-6.jpg           paul-5.jpg



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