Posted by: shanty | June 20, 2007

If You Want Closure in Your Relationship Start with Your Legs

By pure happenstance this very afternoon, I stumbled across what may possibly be the best website I have ever seen.

Let me back track.

At lunch today my co-workers and I were sitting at the conference table in our office and I was looking at a postcard sitting amidst the breakfast rubble left over from our oh so cleanly sales people.

It was a postcard for a book written by Big Boom the self proclaimed “Bodyguard for Women’s Hearts”, who has previously worked as a Bodyguard for such celebrities as Magic Johnson, Kanye West, P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupree (who looks even shorter than he usually does next to Big Boom), and Mariah Scarey.

And now it seems that he has written a novella entitled “If You Want Closure in Your Relationship Start with Your Legs”.

Obviously, I was intrigued. I looked at his website and upon reading his biography, learned he was a pimp who used to beat the shit out of his ho’s and now is channeling that energy into something more constructive. Namely giving women relationship advice.

I won’t spoil it all for you, lest ye want to discover more on your own. But I will tell you that those of us in the Baltimore/D.C. area JUST missed him at a book signing by a week. But he will be in NYC the weekend of July 20th. Roadtrip anyone?

I will also tell you that there is (unfortunately) no t-shirt advertizing his book. I was sad about that. Maybe I’ll write him an email suggesting a t-shirt. But how do I word it? Dear Big? Dear Mr. Boom?

Oh and the other little tidbit I’ll spoil for you is his sophomore work (to be released in February 2008) Will be titled “How to Ducka Sucka”. I kid you not.








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