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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Robbie and I spent Sunday afternoon and evening at Merriweather Post enjoying the various sights and sounds of the True Colors Tour. We were joined by two good friends, Mike and Ben and spent the afternoon eating nuts, smoking cigarettes and rolling around on blankets that apaprently soaked up all of the moisture from this side of the Chesapeake Bay.

When we arrived at Merriweather around 5:00 or so, it was really hot. Still about 90 degrees. And if you’re familiar with Merriweather Post and more to the point familiar with the lawn seating area of Merriweather, you know there is NO SHADE. NONE. It is hot, the sun blares, and there is no relief unless you dump ice water on yourself, I guess. After we found a good spot right under the big screen that they broadcast the show on, we spread out a big sleeping bag and quilt I was smart enough to bring and sat down.

And then the complaining began. We would all take turns bitching about how hot it was, smoke some cigarettes (which is illegal but we did anyway (at one point during the concert Mike and Ben got up to get something to eat and while walking back could clearly pick Robbie and I out of the crowd by the cloud of cigarette smoke hovering above our heads)), get up for a soda, switch off in pairs to go to the bathroom and then start bitching about the heat again. We also saw a friend Damion of QTA fame there celebrating an early birthday (it was yesterday–HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLIN’!!) with his beau Ryan.

Once the sun began to go behind the trees there was finally some relief to the sweltering heat. And then the show began!


Margaret Cho came out–and acted as the M.C. of the entire evening–and talked some shit (hilarious!) and introduced the first band, The Gossip.


An indie rock band that originated in Searcy, Arkansas and then relocated to Olympia, Washington, they’re a three member group who kick some serious ass (how can you not love an indie rock cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”?). Their lead singer, Beth Ditto fuckin’ rocked. She reminds me of Janis Joplin, her voice is amazing and you can tell she really loves what she’s doing.

After The Gossip, The Dresden Dolls performed.


The Dresden Dolls are a “Brechtian Punk Cabaret” group from Boston who are interesting to watch, yet I’m not sure I really liked them one way or another. The two memeber band consists of Amanda Palmer (Vocals/piano) and Brian Viglione (drums/guitar) and almost seem to be channeling a cabaret act with over the top costumes and make-up. I really liked the song “Coin Operated Boy” until one of the choruses seemed to go on for twenty minutes. The video will be linked below and it’s not even a fraction of the length it was live, so it’s more enjoyable. They are whimiscal and interesting, but not awe inspiring, at least in my opinion.

After The Dresden Dolls Mararet Cho introduced Rufus Wainwright. I don’t much care for Rufus. His voice is nasely and annoying to me. Yeah, yeah, I know people love him. I saw him open for Tori Amos a few times years ago, and was never impressed and rather bored. My opinion hasn’t changed much since. Robbie and I got up to go to the bathroom and get hot nuts. I can say that his (Rufus’ not Robbie’s) outfit was odd, like a candy striper on crack. And you know she was hot up there. He did dedicate a song to all the straight women in the audience, so that was nice to get some recognition.

After Rufus was Debbie Harry.


I love her. I love Blondie. I grew up on Parallel Lines. Robbie and I saw her at Nation my senior year of high school and she rocked. I was not really impressed with her performance. She looked like Olivia Newton John, and she sang all new material. I can appreciate not wanting to sing all of the same songs you’ve been singing for the last thirty years, but come on Deb, you can’t give us a little Rapture? No Heart of Glass? I was disappointed.

Cyndi Lauper came out to show a short film made by the Human Right’s Campaign urging people to contact their senator’s about passing the Matthew Shepard Act.


Rosie O’Donnell then came out to introduce Erasure and talked about Donald Trump, The View, and how she’s happier doing True Colors than she was all year. She was really funny, and I really enjoyed seeing her be “real” rather then censored on The View.


Erasure was amazing, I have always liked them, but never reeally got into them like many people have. From their performance, I now understand their following. First of all, let me tell you about Andy Bell’s jacket that I want to steal. It was silver leather and had a Warhol-like picture of Debbie Harry on the back. It was HOT. Their performance in general was hot. They did a song from their new album, “I Could Fall in Love with You” as well as “I Love to Hate You”, “Oh L’Amour”, and “Chains of Love” among others. During the set we called Gabriel at ModFab to share the Erasure fantasticness. Andy was working hard, sweating like a whore in church–even his forearms were sweating. He was way into it, and it was beyond entertaining. Oh, he and Vince has matching black and white beadazzled camo pants on–cute!


And finally, the icing on the cake, Cyndi Lauper. Let me just say that bitch is 53 and looks EXACTLY THE SAME. She is running around the stage, through the stands, singing upside down, and she seemed like she could keep going all night. Her set was good and included (not in order) “Drove All Night”, “She Bop”, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Shine”–which is one of my favorites–but there was no “Time After Time”. Apparently she’s only done it a few times on this tour. I know I totally have no understanding of the music business or any aspect of it, but I just don’t understand when you have hundreds and hundreds of people waiting for a few keys songs that made you really famous, why don’t you sing them? At any rate, I thought she was wonderful and sounded amazing. Also during a few song Rosie came out and played precussion, I think it was during “Girls…” and “Shine”, but I could be wrong.

After Cyndi was done with her set, everyone (minus Debbie Harry and Rufus Wainwright) came out to sing a cover of ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” and, of course, “True Colors”. It was a giant sing-a-long with the best motley crew I could think of. Everyone seemed really happy and grateful not only during the finale, but throughout the evening. All of the performers kept remarking how lucky they were to be on the tour which I thought was great.

The afternoon and evening was a great experience shared with great friends, and lots of sweating. Robbie and I were talking in the car on the way home about how we hope it becomes a yearly event. So if it does, everyone should come next year!

The Gossip “Standing in the Way of Control”

Dresden Dolls “Coin Operated Boy”

Cyndi Lauper “Shine”

For mp3 downloads and another great take on the day, be sure to check out my best friend Robbie’s review. He’s much more skilled than I with the music links and such, so go there. Now. He’s also really cute. 🙂



  1. sounds like a blast! i’m glad you had a good time! hope you’re not sunburnt!

  2. Jules It was lots of fun! Hopefully they’ll have it next year and you can come!

  3. Hey Shan. I caught the concert Monday night in NYC. Mostly the same, minus Rufus and plus Amanda Lepore, who looked suspiciously like Pete Burns from Dead or Alive. I had never heard of Dresden Dolls but loved their performance. Personally I didn’t think “Coin Operated Boy” went on too long, but diffrent strokes, right? Welcome to the Erasure love train! They rock, as does Ms. Cyndi!

    P.S. stay off the sidewalks, Stuie’s got a car

  4. Stu Oh lord! What kind of car? Did you keep your basket with the fake plastic daisies and glue it to the front bumper? 🙂 Glad you got to see True Colors too, I had a great time. I didn’t hate The Dresden Dolls, just wasn’t particularly sold. Maybe it was still too hot for me to get into them. Erasure and Cyndi were wonderful though. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I got my parents’ old 1997 Mercury Sable. It’s not a bad looking car but honestly I don’t give a crap as long as it’ll get me to school and back for the next 2 years. 🙂


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