Posted by: shanty | June 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

For those that know me, it comes as no surprise that am I lazy and self centered and will pass the buck at any given opportunity (I’m also hella cool, but for the moment I’m not focusing on that. ‘Cause it’s a given.).  Commitment also leaves a bad taste in my mouth because, duh, it’s not about me. Thus I was wary to start a blog. But after weeks and months of tourture and browbeating I gave in. And look at me now!

It’s my one week anniversary. I feel just like I did a week after my high school boyfriend and I started dating. Happy, elated, like it’ll last forever. That didn’t pan out so well (he broke up with me and got another girl preggers… SCANDAL), but hopefully this will. And at least (hopefully) there won’t be an abortion involved.

So, here’s to a fantastic first week, and many more!

BTW, I won’t be posting a Happy Anniversary post every week. I’m just running on five hours of sleep and had to fight with my pussies this morning. Expect more detail about that tomorrow…



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