Posted by: shanty | June 16, 2007

Thank God it’s Saturday

So, I’ll be honest (it’s not normal for me, and feels wierd, but here goes nothin’.).

For those of you who don’t know, I, like millions of other poor souls, sit at a desk for 40 hours a week.

I don’t like being on computers period, much less when I’m not getting paid for it. So I’m writing this Friday to go up tomorrow (or yesterday to go up today, or… whatever. You get the drift.). ‘Cause I’m not posting until Monday, most likely. But never fear! I have a YouTube video to get you through the day!

It’s a parody of the movie Office Space (which is one of my all time favorties, and since starting an office job again it has more and more relevance to my everyday (or at least Monday through Friday) life.). It’s also a cartoon of the Superfriends (Ask Robbie who they are, because I don’t know. Why, you ask? ‘Cause I’m not a big comic lovin’ toy collectin’ freak. That’s why. Just kidding, babe. You’re not a freak. Just a big nerd.).

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it, because I sure do.

“Why should I change? He’s the one that sucks.”

Heh. Gets me every time.



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