Posted by: shanty | June 14, 2007

The fictional relationships here do not always depict safe sex…

So here’s a little diddy I found while looking up old PSA’s. Can you tell I was bored? This is an erection downer if I ever saw one. Can you imagine having to fast forward through this before you watched “Big Wet Asses 2”? Apparently this played before a porn film in what the YouTube description says 80’s but if you watch all the way until the end and read the citations (scientific, huh?) it refers to articles from the early 90’s.

 At any rate, I thought it was funny. I can’t decide what was more funny, though: the music, the woman (or her hair), or the faux-Good Morning America set. Thoughts?

And if you were interested, these were the alternative titles for this post (I felt that I had already discussed masturbation enough today and I figured that the clinicalness (clinicality?) of the second was funnier when you hear it on the video):

This Brings Us to the Topic of Masturbation

Our Videos Present a Pictoral Record… 

Anyway, enjoy!



  1. The ones about censorship that played in front of some porn were just as ‘good’. 🙂

  2. Didnt even have to watch it. I know that bitch… she ruined a many a woody for me…. back in the day that is.

  3. I’m almost positive that I have this PSA on something in the no-no box

  4. Howard Yikes. Way to take a politcal stand while people are trying to masturbate. Yikes.

    Eddie I’m sorry I brought up bad memories! 🙂

    Robbie and by box you mean walk in closet, right? 🙂 xox


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