Posted by: shanty | June 14, 2007

“…at least get one called ‘The Horse'”

Sunday some friends and I were walking around HonFest in our neighborhood and we went into one of the many new stores on The Avenue. It’s a really cute sex shop called Sugar. I was looking around, saw some old “friends”, but I wasn’t really in need of anything. I’ll just say that at home I’m not limited to one option.

Then horror struck. Monday night I had an experience that most women I know have been a victim of at one (most unfortunate) point or another.

My hands-down-go-to-favorite vibrator died.

Please, take a moment to absorb this sad, sad information. I’ll wait.

Don’t be too sad though. I was a Girl Scout, so I’m always prepared. The timing just, well, couldn’t’ve been much worse. I got the job done with this, which I enjoy and would recommend highly. My only negative feeling toward it has been that it lacks a certain… shape… that I’m a big fan of.

At any rate, I am now in a dilemma. I can’t find my old stand by (it’s been around so long I can’t even begin to remember its name) at any of my usual places. And I’m sad. I don’t like change, but it looks like I’m going to have to suck it up and try something new.  In my research (Reason #3784 why I love my job–I can shop for vibrators at work in the comfort of my private office), I did find something rather intriguing which boasts “over 750 Patterns” which definitely peaks my interest. But the website isn’t one of my favorites (I mean come on, it’s run by a porn company who proudly boasts titles such as “Big Wet Asses 11”, “All Ditz and Jumbo Tits #4” and whose #1 best selling toy is Tera Patrick’s Futurotic (what does that mean?) Pussy and Ass. Gross. Again, so. not. female. oriented.). In contrast, one of my favorites linked above sends you lollipops with your order. It’s up to you to find out which one. But I would highly recommend either one of them. They’re great, nice, and not sleazy at all. And there is nary a wet ass (unless that’s what you’re into, but even then it’s tasteful, see?) to be found.

So we’ll see I guess. I’m not hard up (as it were) but still sad.

But on the upside, if I do get a new one, at least I can call it Johnny Depp from the beginning.



  1. not babeland.. so sad.. no lollies 😦

  2. its tulip. Although I just ordered something else and there were no pops either. Maybe it’s just on your first order. But if you feel like ordering something else, I definitely have a suggestion… 🙂


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