Posted by: shanty | June 12, 2007

Vacation All I Ever Wanted…

So today on our lunch breaks Robbie and I met up at the post office across the street from my office to apply for our passports. We’re planning an eight day vacay in November and are now officially on our way to getting our passports.There will be more info to follow, but I’m a gal who likes an air of mystery. So for now all I’ll say is it’s a tropical locale not in America that’s going to fuckin’ rock.

Of course there were issues: the long line at the post office, the way unnecessarily loud father and his child who kept trying to stick his face in the industrial fan, the bevy of old folks making their weekly (daily?) trip to the post office, and the surly passport application taker person. Oh, and the fact that I neglected to write on my application the place of my parent’s birth. So after twenty minutes of calling them (and my poor confused 87 year old grandfather) I finally got the information I needed.

Hopefully I’ll get my birth certificate back too. I called my local post office to complain about my mail carrier who ALWAYS screws up the mail. I get mail from the next block over and any number of houses within a three block radius of my street. So hopefully my house won’t be TP’d by a disgruntled postal worker when I get home.

Despite all of the B.S., I am beyond excited about the trip. That’s in 149 days, btw. O.C.D. much?




  1. I could possibly be excited too… in a secret, secret way…!

    149 eh?

    I gotta pack


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