Posted by: shanty | June 11, 2007

I Have A Question…

Why are there so many blogs? And further more, why have I  begrudgingly decided to enter into this world when I am one of the least tech-savvy–and most lazy–people around?

I don’t like commitment or responsibility. I don’t like pressure. But I think (not so) secretly I like the idea of voicing my opinion on whatever I deem important. And I got to search for a cool Shanty-themed photo for the header. Really I think that was what pushed me over the edge.

At any rate, I’ve begun this but am SO not making any promises of the frequency or even the quality of this blog.

So here it is in all it’s (very basic and juvenile) glory. Shantytown.

P.S. Gabriel, I was going to use “I Have a Question” as the blog title, but it was already taken. 😦



  1. woohoo I’m your first comment!!!

    I’m glad you finally took the blog plunge!!

    Can’t wait to read all your questions!!

    xoxo, Robbie!

    yay for shanty town! and yeah, those blog people suck 🙂

  3. YAY! I am sooo looking forward to this… heh. Totally gonna link you to my site!!!

    Try to keep it up, I know you have plenty to say. 🙂

  4. dangit.. robbies didn’t come up last niht when i was looking.. so.. second! 😛

  5. sorry, jul. second place ain’t too shabby tho. 🙂 xox s

  6. Neither one of you came up when I posted either… I TOTALLY thought I was first.



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